Beantown, Unique Date Ideas Singles Title town, The Hub, The Olde Towne… No matter what you call it, Boston has shown its diversity in both its nicknames and the number of things to do. Why settle for dinner Date and a movie? Shake things up with these great Boston date ideas! The Boston dating scene is vibrant and varied. Once you’ve met your match through us, be sure to visit one of our 12 favorite spots in the city…flirtwith

1: Makeshift Asylum.

Skip the movies and go to a different type of theater. Located in the basement of a CVS, Improv Asylum is the perfect place to bring a date when you’re wondering. What to do in Boston for a night of fun and lots of laughs. The performers improvise around partially scripted skits. But also take plenty of cues from the audience and create a good mix of performance and interaction to keep everyone on their toes. Show your date your fun side and don’t worry. If they need something to boost their confidence; there is also a well stocked bar there to help you out.

2: Paint Night. – Unique Date Ideas Singles

For those looking for creative Boston date ideas, Paint Nite offers the perfect opportunity to show off your artistic side. Each class can pack up pretty quickly, but this provides a great reason to cozy up next to your date and feed off of each other’s creativity. Don’t worry if the idea of ​​drawing more than just stick figures secretly terrifies you; instructors make things easy for everyone. Oh, and also, did we mention there’s a full bar here too?

3: Museums.

If you prefer to look at art rather than create it, visit one of Boston’s many museums. The Institute of Contemporary Art is on nearly every list of things to do in Boston, and for good reason. Be sure to take advantage of the audio guide to get some context on the artwork. The Museum of Fine Arts is another notable museum and offers complimentary second visits within 10 days in case you feel like you’ve missed something. And if neither of those suits you, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is filled with plants and tapestries alongside the paintings. Looking for someone to share these activities with? Sign up today to find professionals looking for dates in Boston!


4: “Brunch Party” in Mass.

If brunch is known for being a couples thing, then the brunch party at Masa might just be one of the most romantic things to do in Boston. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere in The Hub. With tasty food, a great atmosphere and attentive service, it’s also a great place to go for other meals. Just be aware that if you plan on going to their brunch party, it can get pretty crowded, so call ahead and make a reservation first!

5: Cambridge Date Center Roof Garden.

Why go to a normal park on the ground floor when you have the option of going to a rooftop park? This is one of the most unique Boston date ideas as you won’t find it in any other city. Cook a meal for your date and use one of the park’s picnic tables or sit on the beautiful lawn and enjoy views of the city. They also have various activities like yoga sessions and even a ping pong table to keep things active and fun, but it’s also a great place to relax and get away from the general hustle and bustle of the city without having to go out. Find your perfect date spot using the interactive map below! flirtwith.com

6: Free Date wine tasting in central bottle. – Unique Date Ideas Singles

Yes, you read it right. Central Bottle offers free wine tastings four times a week, though sometimes they like to mix it up with a cheese or beer tasting. Check out their website to see what they offer during the week you’d like to visit. This event is preferable to a regular bar gathering for many reasons; one, because it’s free of course, but also because the wine tasting activity will give you and your date plenty to talk about. There’s a reason wine is commonly associated with romance, as you’ll discover with one of the most romantic things to do in Boston at Central Bottle.

7: Top Date of the shaft.

This is not just a tourist destination! It’s also a wonderful option for Boston date ideas. Billed as “Boston’s most romantic dining experience,” you won’t hear anything to the contrary from us. Located 52 stories above Back Bay, Top of the Hub has arguably the best views of the city you can get before taking a helicopter ride. Their award-winning cuisine will satisfy any appetite you may bring, and their impeccable service will make you feel like a much-loved regular. If you dine early, be sure to stay to watch the sunset and listen to live music in the lounge.

8: The Mapparium. – Unique Date Ideas Singles

Who has not ever dreamed of entering a gigantic balloon? The Mapparium at The Mary Baker Eddy Library is a three-story-tall globe made of stained glass. Visitors walk through the middle on a 30-foot-long bridge. It’s a very short tour (about 20 minutes), so plan to grab. A bite to eat or a drink afterwards to talk more with your date. Note that they don’t allow photos here, so leave your smartphone in your pocket (where it should stay during the date). But chances are you won’t mind once you hear. The whispers traveling around the world. No spoilers! You’ll see what we mean when you leave. Do you want to meet other single professionals while traveling? Try our handy app!

9: The Skywalk Observatory.

If you’d rather skip tip number seven restaurant idea on this list of Boston date ideas. But still want to get a gorgeous view, the Skywalk Observatory is the place for you. Offering 360-degree panoramic views of Boston from 50 stories up. The Skywalk Observatory is a must-see for visitors and locals alike. Be sure to ask for the audio guide at reception for an informative presentation of the city’s history. It will give great talking points for you and your date to discuss with each other. Try to go a little before sunset to get views of the city during the day and at night.

10: Padel Boston. – Unique Date Ideas Singles

Get in touch with your physical and aquatic side with one of the most unique date ideas. Boston has to offer. Paddle Boston lets you kayak. The Charles River from four locations and offers two-hour tours with special instructions. If you don’t have any previous kayaking experience. Its Kendall Square location is conveniently located next to a plethora of restaurants to choose from. When you’re done, giving you and your date the perfect opportunity to relax and toast. A wonderful new memory that you’re both sure to cherish for a long time to come. time to come

11: speakeasies.

Explore the “hidden” side of Boston by taking your date to a speakeasy. Entrances can be hard to find and may seem a bit sketchy at first, but you’ll definitely be rewarded with a great experience. Unmatched by most bars that choose to stay out of sight. The Backbar’s entrance is in an alley in Union Square that may or may not look like. The place crime victims like to hang out, but. The bar itself will make you willing to walk down that path again and again. And somewhere in Davis Square, Saloon’s rustic charm and tasty cocktails. Come together to create an intimate setting for you and your date.


12: Coffee Date of Algiers. – Unique Date Ideas Singles

Drinking coffee is the clichéd first date idea for good reason. It is usually a quiet environment with few distractions, with an emphasis on talking and getting to know each other. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the uniformity of one of the big coffee chains. Setting is important, and The Argel Coffee House will inject a fantastic and much-appreciated vibe into any first date, almost making you feel like you’ve been transported to an old Moroccan cafe. Opt to meet your date here for a fresh take on what would otherwise be another of the standard Boston date ideas.

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