Real Life on Dating App

Real Life on Dating App So you’re happily on a dating app. Suddenly, you saw a profile of someone you knew in real life! (cue: your neighbor, school mate, colleague, acquaintance..)

Do you go left or right?

Personally, if I have a crush on that person, this would be the perfect opportunity to make the first move. And if I don’t get a swipe back, I’ll just blame it on “the glitch” or the famous “oh, I accidentally swiped right! LOL”. Worst case scenario, I would fake my death, change my name and move to Antarctica.

But what if you are NOT attract to the person …*cue dramatic music*

Obligations and courtesy were taught to us when we were growing up but not so much on swiping etiquettes. Do you swipe right out of politeness? Will swiping left seem harsh? What if they get the wrong idea or worse….what if they get the right idea AND get offended by it?

Swiping on Someone You Knew in Real Life on Dating App

Real Life on Dating App

Well, it all comes down to if you’re interested in that person. (or you think they have good qualities that you’re looking for in a potential romantic partner. Real Life on Dating App At least that’s a good start, if you do not know that person that well.)

If you’re not, don’t self-sabotage yourself into a mess that could make things uncomfortable for the both of you. Sure, some dating apps don’t notify review  the other party which way you swiped but can you imagine how awkward the conversation could get if the both of you swiped right OUT OF COMMON COURTESY? *cringe*

If the both of you were already interest in real life. Real Life on Dating App either one of you would have give a hint. Don’t let dating app be the cause of something that wasn’t even on the radar to begin with!


Like I said before, if it’s a crush or someone you’ve been finding ways to approach then by all means, GO FOR IT. How often do you get the chance to make the first move without having to face the repercussions and the feared “rejection”? For all you know, that person is having the same dilemma too….even if they’re not, who cares, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You don’t even have to worry about saying something smooth, at least not till you get YOUR swipe back.

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It’s worth a shot, I mean the fact that the person is on a dating site. Shows that he/she is single and that’s half the battle won!

So, when you swipe left or right on someone you know irl when it comes to dating apps, don’t do it out of obligation unless you know for sure BOTH of you can laugh it off. Just be honest and swiiipeee away!

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